Our management team at Addeira Pharmaceuticals is committed to driving the company towards success and continuous innovation in the healthcare sector. The company is led by CEO Robert Svanström and chairman of the board Anders Torell.
Robert Svanström has an impressive background in the pharmacy sector, with extensive experience at both an operational and strategic level. Before he took over as CEO of Addeira Pharmaceuticals AB, he established himself as a successful entrepreneur with his own pharmacy in Stockholm. In addition, he previously held the position of Chief Pharmacist at Sweden's Pharmacy Association. Robert has a strong academic foundation with a Pharmacy degree from Uppsala University and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Stockholm University.
Anders Torell has solid experience in retail and the pharmacy industry and is particularly focused on marketing, business development and strategy. His leadership and expertise in strategy and business development have been of great importance to Addeira. Anders has a successful career in e.g. ICA, Kronans Apotek and Webbhallen.
Addeira Pharmaceuticals' vision is:
"Addeira, by becoming the most valued and fast-moving supplier of niche consumer goods and pharmaceuticals to pharmacies, hospitals and specialty stores, will create a better everyday health and quality of life for people and animals. ” This means that we must continue to be pioneering in providing in-demand self-care products and medicines. We are proud of our management's experience in the industry and their dedication to meeting our customers' needs. Our goal is to continue to be a leader in healthcare innovation by providing reliable and effective products that help our customers achieve their goals. Our management team leads us with a clear vision and a quest for excellence and quality in everything we do. We look forward to continuing our work and making a meaningful impact on people's lives and the healthcare sector as a whole.



At Addeira, our corporate culture is rooted in values ​​such as participation, perseverance and responsibility. For us, a healthy corporate culture is of the utmost importance, and it already starts in the recruitment process where we look for employees who are not only competent but also understand and appreciate our core values. Our culture is characterized by concepts such as familiarity, transparency, high ceilings and solution-oriented. We also value teamwork and a supportive work environment.
We see every customer's question or problem as an opportunity to exceed their expectations. It is our constant ambition to deliver the highest possible value to our customers. We believe that companies that create real value over time for their customers also have the greatest potential for success.
At Addeira, we always put quality in products and delivery before profitability. We believe that it is high quality that attracts our customers to return and thus leads to long-term profitability.
In situations where the right decision is not obvious, we base our choices on reasonableness and fairness. By being polite in handling difficult situations, we build long-term relationships and create success. Our pursuit of decent treatment extends to everyone - our customers and our staff. By doing the right thing and having healthy values, we create a workplace where people thrive and feel that they are contributing to something greater than just financial gain.
Our vision is to become the most valued and fast-paced supplier of merchandise and pharmaceuticals to pharmacies, healthcare and other trade. Through this work, we want to create a better everyday health and quality of life for both people and animals.