Sustainability Policy


This policy aims to define Addeira's positions within the concept of sustainability.

Addeira's sustainability work

Addeira Pharmaceuticals' sustainability policy aims to define the company's positions within the concept of sustainability. The ambition is to be a leading player in the industry and strive for continuous development and improvement of the sustainability work. Business operations must be conducted in a way that upholds the company's values ​​and shows respect for people, society and the environment.

The sustainability policy defines our positions and focus areas in the area of ​​sustainability, while our Code of Conduct describes how we must act to live up to our positions and values.

Areas of responsibility

Financial responsibility
Addeira strives to conduct a responsible and ethical business operation that fulfills all its commitments and obligations. This includes complying with national laws, international conventions, agreements entered into and the principles described in our Code of Conduct.

Our company protects and respects applicable competition rules and strives to promote a free, healthy and fair market. We highly value respect, honesty, openness and good business ethics in all our business relationships.

Environmental responsibility
Addeira strives to minimize its environmental impact throughout its operations and conduct its operations in accordance with current environmental legislation. Two of Addeira's important environmental aspects are to continuously consider how we can reduce the use of harmful chemicals and work towards smart logistics with optimized supply chains, coordination of transport and a high fill rate.

The company must actively work with environmental monitoring in these two areas and stay constantly up-to-date on market developments. This takes place primarily through active communication and relationships with existing suppliers, but also by being an active party on the world market via industry forums and following international developments.

Social responsibility
Addeira is committed to acting as a responsible social actor and applying the internationally recognized human rights. The company expects everyone directly involved in our business to show the same commitment as Addeira to respect these rights. Addeira also requires its suppliers to conduct their business in an ethical and responsible manner. Document 0.20 Sustainability policy Process Policies Owner CEO Date 2020-12-10 Version 1.0.

Work environment and safety responsibility
Addeira strives to create a healthy and safe working environment for its employees, by offering a developing, equal and safe workplace. This is achieved by having well-formulated and uniform routines for safety and work environment as well as systematic work environment work.

Through health-promoting activities, internal competence development and an active safety culture, Addeira strives to maintain a high level of healthy attendance and minimize workplace accidents and injuries.

Customer and quality responsibility
Addeira is dedicated to continuously developing and securing its quality standard to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, in accordance with our vision to be perceived as Sweden's foremost service company. The customer relationship is central to all decisions and actions, with a focus on high transparency, open dialogue and clarity. The company has established routines for efficient handling of complaints which also contribute to the continuous improvement work.

Implementation and communication

Addeira strives to be a leading player in sustainability and ensures compliance with current legislation in the field. By ensuring compliance of the company's internal policy documents, procedures and governing documents with relevant legislation, Addeira works to be in line with industry standards.

The company's sustainability policy must be well known and implemented among all employees and ensure a common understanding and compliance within the entire organization.

This policy was adopted by the Addeira Pharmaceiticals AB management team on 2022-11-25 and is valid until further notice.