Now with a new formula - Allergenius® Special balm

Nu med ny formula - Allergenius® Specialbalsam

Now Allergenius® Special Balm with our new further developed formula is available. It penetrates skin and fur more easily and makes it easier to untangle tangles. Otherwise, it has the same good properties as before. Now available to order both as Spray and Mousse .

Allergen-reducing products help

Research shows a clear connection between the care of dogs' skin and how allergenic they are. That's why Medi-Tec has developed Allergenius® Special Shampoo that effectively washes away allergens ( up to 97% ), and at the same time is very mild to preserve the skin's natural fat layer. A little further down, you can read about our special conditioner, which has received a new formula.

The shampoo contains ingredients that build up and strengthen the skin barrier in order for the dog to have a healthy skin and coat, while also delaying the re-formation of new allergens. It has moisturizing properties and PH 6-7 which is suitable so as not to disturb the skin's PH balance. Here are some statements about Allergenius® Special Shampoo from our Facebook page.

reviews of new formula

Extend the effect with Special Balm - Now with a new formula

To prolong and strengthen the allergen-reducing effect or where extra skin care efforts are needed, Allergenius® Special Balsam is available. It is a leave-in product that should not be rinsed out of the coat and which at the same time gives the coat a nice shine.

It can be used in connection with washing, but also between washes to further care for the skin - especially for dry or sensitive skin that needs extra care. Also recommended for preventive use in places where the dog easily gets irritated skin or fungus, e.g. between the toes and in skin folds. Available as spray and mousse . Spray is suitable for thick fur and larger dogs and mousse for smaller dogs, or dogs that don't like being sprayed.

Please read the statement about Allergenius® Special Balsam - New Formula from our ambassador Kim Andersson here and Hundsport - the test panel on Allergenius® Special Balsam here.

The special shampoo and conditioner have also been shown to help some dogs with allergies to reduce itching and calmer skin. Using Allergenius® special products is thus a winning concept, both for dogs and for people with allergies.

Facts about allergens and skin care

>> Substances that cause allergies are called allergens. We currently know of six different allergens in dogs. One of these allergens is secreted by the prostate and is therefore only found in the urine of uncastrated male dogs. Remaining allergens are found in the dog's skin and saliva.

>>Allergens are spread from the dog to the environment and can be found, among other things, in furniture and textiles.

>> The special shampoo is deep cleaning and both captures and removes the allergens from the dog. In addition, it contains ingredients that counteract fungus and skin irritation, as well as contribute to strengthening the skin barrier and thereby calm the skin's production of dandruff and skin flakes where a large part of the allergens are found. The special conditioner helps to provide a further improved effect.

>> Different dog individuals secrete different amounts of allergens, largely depending on how the skin is doing. This means that you may have to bathe and skin care for a longer period before the allergic individual notices a noticeable difference.

>> Of course, the success also depends on how allergic the person in question is, and if there are other underlying allergies besides the one to dogs.

>> Both shampoo and conditioner are developed and produced in pharmaceutical-like forms in Sweden.

Allergenius® Special products are developed so that more people can experience the joy and love together with fur animals. You can read more about our special products, as well as order them, here .