Does your dog have skin problems? Try a new unique product!

Har din hund hudproblem? Testa en ny unik produkt!

Does your dog have skin problems? Try a new unique product!

Soon we will launch a cleansing and caring gel against skin irritation! Join us and test the product - read more about how you can participate here!

Does your dog suffer from skin problems?

We have developed a unique alcohol-based gel that removes irritants on sensitive skin and has a drying effect in skin folds and on oozing areas. The gel has antimicrobial properties to inhibit the overgrowth of yeast and bacteria and should alleviate skin problems in the dog. It reduces the risk of bacteria colonizing and causing infections, and is particularly suitable for use between toes and foot pads where dirt and bacteria easily accumulate.

The gel contains denatured alcohol as well as skin-care and barrier-strengthening ingredients that contribute to reducing skin irritation and increasing the skin's resilience. It can be used several times per day or as needed.

Who developed the product?

The product is developed in collaboration with SLU researcher and veterinarian Kerstin Bergvall DipECVD, who has European specialist expertise in dermatology and diseases of dogs and cats. It is planned to be launched during the year after any final adjustments. To see how well the product works on different types of skin problems, we send a free sample to each person selected to be part of our test group in order to get further feedback and experiences.

dog with skin problems

If you want to join, do this:

  1. Send us an email at with a brief description of your dog's skin problem. Also enter the name and address where you wish to have the sample delivered.
  2. If you are selected, we will return your email with confirmation as well as a description and the questions we want you to answer.
  3. You test the product for 2-3 weeks. Then answer the questions (takes approx. 10-15 min) and send the answers back to us.

A number of test tubes will later also be handed out at Kerstin Bergvall's reception in connection with veterinary visits. The reception is currently being moved from DjurAkuten in central Stockholm to Evidensia Södra Animal Hospital in Kungens Kurva Stockholm, where Sweden's " best combined skin expertise " will be located.

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