We are now launching the Allergenius® Allergy Profile Test

Vi lanserar nu Allergenius® Allergiprofiltest

Are you allergic to dogs and want to know which of the six most common dog allergens you are sensitized to? You can now do that through a simple blood test.

If you are sensitized (and thus already have, or are at risk of developing allergic symptoms) to an allergen, you have IgE antibodies that recognize that particular allergen. We are now launching an allergy profile test where you can get answers to which of the six most common dog allergens you have a greater or lesser amount of these antibodies against.

Just as dogs excrete different allergens in varying amounts, allergy sufferers also react differently strongly to these allergens. Some are better tolerated. Maybe it's the case that you met a dog that you could spend time with, even though you're allergic? It may be that that dog then has an allergen profile that is the reverse of your allergy profile. That is, what you are reacting to is only present in small amounts in that particular dog and vice versa.

We are launching an allergy profile test that gives clear answers

The allergy profile test shows exactly your profile of IgE antibodies against: Can f 1, Can f 2, Can f 3, Can f 4, Male dog urine (which contains Can f 5), and Can f 6.

In short, it works like this:

  1. You order the test kit at allergenius.se.
  2. When you have received the test kit, you take your blood sample from a finger using the test kit.
  3. After taking the sample, you send the sample to us in the attached reply envelope for analysis in our laboratory.
  4. When we have analyzed the samples, you will receive your test answer in an e-mail.
  5. You will receive two graphs in your test answer.

The first graph you get in the test answer is yours Allergy profile . The graph shows the percentage distribution between the different allergens in the sample and indicates which allergens you react more or less to.

we are launching allergy profile tests

The second graph you get is IgE concentration which shows the amount of antibodies in your blood at the time of the test. The higher the concentration of IgE antibodies, the greater the risk of allergic symptoms.

How can I use my test result?

Thanks to the allergy profile you get from the test we are launching, you get better opportunities to avoid dogs that have high levels of the very allergens the test shows you have developed IgE antibodies against. Based on the example above, this person should therefore avoid dogs that have a high level of Can f 1 allergen.

Test the dog's allergen profile

To find out which allergen(s) the dog you will spend time with regularly has, or if you are considering buying a dog despite your allergy, you can test their allergen profile using the Allergenius® Dog Allergentest. You will find the test here .

Where are the different allergens on the dog?

We're launching our allergy profile test - this is good to keep in mind when reading answers

If the allergy profile test shows high levels of IgE antibodies against Can f 2, it is a signal that you should avoid saliva from dogs.

Or if you have high levels of IgE antibodies against the allergens (e.g. Can f 5) that are found in the urine of male dogs, you should avoid them - especially non-neutered male dogs.

If you are allergic to Can f 6, you have a greater risk of suffering from allergic reactions when you spend time with cats and horses, because Can f 6 cross-reacts with Fel d 4 in cats and the horse's main allergen Equ c 1. This actually means that your body recognizes the allergen in these animals as they resemble Can f 6 in dogs. Since the body has difficulty distinguishing the allergen, it reacts to all three to be safe.

Can f 3 comes from the albumin family which is found in basically all fur animals. These allergens are very similar in appearance, which also increases the risk of cross-reactivity. If you are allergic to Can f 3, the risk is therefore greater that you will not only react to dogs with Can f 3 but to all fur animals (cats, horses and guinea pigs, etc.).

The allergy profile test is now available to shop here