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Hundpodden - Hans Grönlund gästar

At the beginning of the week, we hosted the Hundpodden with Gurgîn Bakircioglu ! With 800,000 dogs and 1.5 million dog allergy sufferers in Sweden, it is quickly clear that the subject of dog allergy is very current, which is why Hans Grönlund was a guest and told more about fur allergy and put an end to common myths!

4 years ago, one of Allergenius' founders was Hans Grönlund and was a guest on Hundpodden. After the episode, host Gurgîn Bakircioglu began to receive a stream of questions about dog allergies. And the questions didn't stop coming. That's why Hans was once again invited to Hundpodden to talk about what dog allergy is and also to answer a number of listener questions that have come up over the years.

What listener questions appeared in Hundpodden?

Many prospective dog owners with dog allergies look for a dog that is classified as hypoallergenic . But is this true - are there hypoallergenic dogs? And can I develop a dog allergy if I already have a cat allergy? Hans answers these and many more questions and gives advice that helps and provides guidance.

hundpodden - woman holding small dog outdoors

As a fur allergy sufferer, there are a number of allergens you can react to and some dogs have a greater concentration of allergens than others. You can find three different allergens in the dog's saliva and dander, one allergen is found in all fur animals, another allergen is only found in uncastrated male dogs and a final allergen is called Can f 6 and it is to which 40% of Sweden's dog allergy sufferers are sensitive.

Six different allergens and a test that gives answers

As a dog allergy sufferer, it is difficult to know exactly which of the six allergens to try to avoid without doing a test for it. Allergenius®Human Allergy Profile Test is the only test in the world that can give you an answer to what you react to - with that answer in hand, it is much easier to choose a dog, because then you know which dog matches you and your allergy profile. Even dog allergy sufferers should have the opportunity to get a dog and we want to help with that!

If you want to test yourself to find out which dog allergens you are sensitive to, we recommend our test which you will find here .

Listen to the episode where Hans Grönlund talks about fur allergy:

Listen to the episode where Hans Grönlund answers listener questions: