Dog despite allergy?

Hund trots allergi?

Allergy to dogs is a common problem. At the same time, there are many people who would like to have a dog in the family. But dogs despite allergies can function well - read more about how and why!

Wanting a dog while being allergic is of course difficult, but allergy is not always an obstacle. There are many fur allergy sufferers who can still have a dog. Then it's just a matter of choosing the right dog and finding ways to make everyday life easier.

The dream of a dog-loving fur allergy sufferer is, of course, a dog that does not cause allergies. And it is sometimes said that there are dog breeds that are more hypoallergenic than others. But is it really true?

  • No - there are no hypoallergenic dog breeds. Several international studies show that allergen levels, i.e. how allergenic a dog is, differ much more between individual dogs than between breeds.
  • Can you still have a dog? Yes! An allergy sufferer can, for example, have a labrador at home without noticing his allergy - but have an allergic reaction when he meets the neighbour's labrador, even though the dogs are of the same breed.

What are you allergic to?

Every fifth person in Sweden has a fur allergy. The allergy-causing substances, allergens, come from the animals' skin, saliva and urine. Allergens are also airborne because they are released from the dog into the air and thus cause immune responses when an allergic person inhales them.

How can I have a dog despite an allergy?

It's simple - there are tests to do and we have a test that is unique in the world in that it shows exactly which of the dog's allergens you are more sensitive to. This is how it works:

  1. First make sure it's dogs you're reacting to.
  2. Take an allergy profile test to see which allergens you are most sensitive to.
  3. Decide which breed of dog you want and allergen test the upcoming litter of puppies - alternatively look for an adult dog that you test.
  4. Choose the dog that suits you best based on the matching of the test results.

dog despite allergy test on fur

This is what it can look like when testing the dog - an uncomplicated brushing with the accompanying brush to capture everything to be tested for allergens. The allergy profile test is a quick and simple prick of the finger that you perform at home and you get answers that can give you a new canine member of the family.

Other products that help you have a dog despite allergies are Allergenius® dog shampoo , which washes away up to 97% of the dog's allergen, and dog balm mousse and spray , for further improved and prolonged effect, but start with the test first - your match might be out there!