The Allergenius® Allergy Profile Test helped us choose the right dog

Allergenius® Allergiprofiltest hjälpte oss att välja rätt hund

Marie Björkman's wonderful story has been rewarded with 3 optional Allergenius® Special shampoo - conditioner products. We think it gives hope that more allergy sufferers will also be able to live with a dog!

This is our story of how Allergenius helped us find the right dog! In the fall of 2017, we visited a breeder of Labradors where we booked a puppy. When we were there for a short time, our oldest daughter (then 10 years old) showed allergic symptoms for the first time in her life. We had no idea she was allergic to dogs! We quickly decided to cancel the puppy and go home as the daughter became more and more red-spotted with itchy hives.

We went home in great sadness as our dog dream was so close to achieving but we stumbled on the finish line. However, I refused to give up and soon we got in touch with a breeder of the amazing dog Australian Labradoodle. She informed us about your work to help people with dog/cat allergies and we ordered one home allergy test for humans .

The answer from the Allergenius®Human Allergy Profile Test helped us

When we received an allergy profile on our daughter, we could easily "choose" the dog that suited her allergy best without having to test with a lot of dogs that we would then have to send back if it didn't work.

Today we are happy food hosts for the Labradoodle bitch Minna, who turned out to have a very low secretion of the allergen my daughter reacts to! The eldest daughter is so happy that she can cuddle with the dog every day without having an allergic reaction and Minna brightens the whole family's life!

allergenius helped us

We are glad that our human allergy profile test helped Marie and her family find a dog that fit their daughter's allergy profile. If you live with allergies or know someone with allergies, there are great opportunities for you too to get a dog. With the help of our test, you will clearly know which type of allergen works better for you and your everyday life. There are no hypoallergenic dogs - but there might be a dog out there that is a good match for you!