Reduce the problems with dog allergies - Tips and advice

Minska problemen med hundallergi – Tips och råd

In case of allergy to fur animals, the immune system reacts to some of the animal's proteins. These are found in the animals' skin, saliva and in some cases in the urine. All fur animals can cause allergy symptoms, but the most common are allergies to dogs, cats and horses.

What can you do if you have an allergy to dogs in the family - and can't imagine a life without a doggy? Many people have asked us and in this article we have compiled some tips and advice that may be useful.

How can I reduce the problems?

We tell you how you can remedy allergic problems and reduce the problems - here are tips on everything practical that can be done!

How to reduce human problems

What reduces problems and the only treatment for dog allergies available today is allergen-specific immunotherapy with extracts from dogs' skin and fur. Unfortunately, it is long, costly and with varying and often very bad results. Read more here.

Symptom-relieving medication with antihistamines is the most common help, but can unfortunately cause troublesome side effects, such as e.g. fatigue. Read about Hanna's experiences.

Reduce the problems from the dog

The dog's skin is the biggest source of allergens spreading. They come via the dog's dander and skin scales. By washing the dogs with allergen-reducing shampoo and caring for their skin, you can significantly reduce their excretion of allergens and thus reduce people's allergy problems. Please read Matilda and Stinsen's guest blog which describes how you can teach your dog to like being washed and how Matilda manages her allergy.

You can also be allergic to other things – e.g. pollen - which the dog can carry with him via the fur. It is important to reduce the total exposure of the allergens to which you are sensitive. Washing the dog also helps to remove allergenic substances that are spread through the air and can get stuck in the dog's fur. The dog's skin also feels good from being kept clean from various things skin irritants.

Allergenius® products contributes to the dog's skin being healthy and strong and thanks to that, emits less allergen, which increases the possibility for you and your family to have more fun with dogs.

Saliva and fur

Saliva that ends up on the floor can be easily wiped up and contact with saliva can be largely avoided by teaching the dog not to lick. This is briefly mentioned in Thilde Höök's guest blog " doesn't let my or other people's dogs lick my face or hands."

Avoiding the dog(s) staying in the bedroom helps the allergic person's immune system to rest and recover during the night.

If you are allergic to Can f 5, you should avoid non-neutered male dogs because this allergen (a prostate protein) is found in their urine. When the dog rests, which happens a number of times each day, a little urine usually ends up in the fur and when it dries, the allergen becomes airborne.

reduce the problems of allergy

Reduce the problems in the environment

By wet-drying the home, allergens can be cleaned without them being stirred into the air and entering the body of the allergic person via the respiratory tract. Wipe off what can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Vacuum, with allergen-proof filter, spaces that are difficult to access. Allergy-proof filters (so-called HEPA filters) capture the very small particles (allergens) that allergy sufferers react to. With an ordinary vacuum cleaner, there is the risk that you instead spread allergens in the air because these small particles can pass through an ordinary vacuum cleaner's filter. Vacuum very carefully the carpets and textiles that cannot be washed.

Central vacuums can also reduce the presence of allergens in the environment because it sucks up air and dust and transports the air (after collecting dust and particles) outside the house.

Ventilation - good for both fur and pollen allergies i

Good ventilation and airing can contribute to less allergen in the indoor air. But if you are allergic to several airborne allergens such as pollen, the pollen season is particularly difficult because your immune system is then burdened with several allergens at the same time and the allergy is built on. During the pollen season, the windows should therefore be closed.

If you are allergic to pollen, please change your clothes after you have been outside and rinse the pollen out of your hair before going to bed. The same applies if someone in the family has been in a stable with horses or has been in contact with other fur animals - e.g. cats - if you are allergic to that type of furry animal.

Replaceable air filters built into the ventilation system help reduce allergens and particles in the air and are often found in newer villas, but not in older properties. Newer apartment buildings may also have ventilation filters, but they are not always maintained very well. Therefore, feel free to install your own air purifiers in the home (especially in the bedroom so that the immune system can rest during the night).

Washing advice

Wash things that can be washed in water, preferably at least 60 degrees and avoid materials and upholstered furniture that are difficult to clean.

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