The special shampoo replaced allergy medicine for both dog and cat

Specialschampot ersatte allergimedicin för både hund och matte

Anette Blomgren and her yorkshire terrier Holger, 13 years old, both suffered from allergic problems. She against dog and he against grass and mites. Both have now been able to reduce their medication and the allergic symptoms have improved. Anette Blomgren is convinced that it is thanks to Allergenius ® Dog Special Shampoo.

Anette Blomgren has been mother to the Yorkshire terrier Holger for 13 years. Three years ago, she began to feel an allergy to her dog for the first time. All of a sudden she found it difficult to breathe, started sneezing, got watery eyes and contact dermatitis when she was with Holger. What Anette did not know at the time was that Allergenius products would help with the allergic problems - the special shampoo replaced allergy medicine .

- I changed the bedroom and had a dog-free room, where Holger was not allowed to be. It helped a little, but did not solve the real problem, says Anette Blomgren.

The special shampoo replaced allergy medicine The Yorkshire terrier Holger.

Anette about how the Special shampoo replaced allergy medicine

During the spring of 2015, Anette Blomgren read an article on the Kennel's website about Allergenius ® Dog Special shampoo and how it made dogs more hypoallergenic. From there she applied to Medi-Tec and their allergy research. She began to familiarize herself with how allergies work and at the same time opened her eyes to the shampoo. After a year of using the Special shampoo, her allergy to Holger has improved and she has also been able to cut back on the medication. In other words, the product helped by replacing allergy medicine with the special shampoo.

- My allergy has gotten a lot better, so of course the Special shampoo has helped us. I've been using it once a week for about a year now. Holger likes to swim. He's used to it now, so it's not hard. In addition, the fur will be great, says Anette Blomgren.

Holger's skin has improved

Already as a puppy, Holger had rashes, eczema and itching. He was then given medicine against mange, but the problems did not go away. The vet then recommended that we replace his dry food - which contained fish products. It helped, and for seven years he was better. But a couple of years ago he suffered a new allergy, to grass pollen and mites. He was prescribed Atopica every day – a medication for canine atopic eczema. It helped with the skin condition, but when they tapered off the tablets, he got worse again. Holger has now been without medication for a number of months with good results thanks to the family's use Allergenius® Dog Special Shampoo and Special conditioner . The special shampoo replaced allergy medicine and Holger got a better coat quality in return.

- Holger scratched and bit his tail. When it was at its worst, he got really stressed. After we started washing him with the Special shampoo, his skin has gotten better again. An extra plus is that the fur has also become really nice and shiny, says Anette Blomgren.

The dog – a member of the family

Anna Whiteman is a PhD student at Karolinska Institutet and specializes in fur allergy. She also has many years of experience in dog breeding and is Medi-Tec's fur animal expert. According to Anna, nowadays the dog is considered a family member who often stays throughout the home - including the bed and sofa. This means that the dog's hygiene has become increasingly central and not infrequently discussed. Should you wash your dog and if so how often? Is it good for the dog?

- Medi-Tec works to offer all dog owners the opportunity for solutions that are good for both the dogs and people with allergies, says Anna Whiteman.

She believes that the use of Allergenius ® products probably reduce both the occurrence of mites and allergens, for example grass and birch pollen, which both dogs and allergy sufferers can react to. In addition, she claims that it can have a preventive effect against moisture eczema and other skin infections.

Anette Blomgren and the Yorkshire terrier Holger both got rid of their allergic problems, which made Anette dare to hope to get another dog in the future.

- Now I'm sleeping in my usual bedroom again. Sometimes I can get a little itchy eyes when Holger is on my lap, but not at all like it was before. For a while I thought I would never be able to get a dog again, but now I have hope for the future, says Anette Blomgren.

This is one story, of many, that we have heard. There is still room for continued research into the importance of skin care for allergies - both in terms of human allergies to dogs and the dog's own allergies and other skin problems.