"The son has not had to take any allergy medicine in recent weeks"

”Sonen har inte behövt ta någon allergimedicin de senaste veckorna”

Hypoallergenic, fine fur and no dandruff - there are several reasons why Kerstin Gryhed is satisfied with Allergenius Dog® Special Shampoo. The son who is allergic has stopped taking Clarityn after the shampoo change, and the dogs coat is shiny.

Kerstin Gryhed is retired and lives in Stockholm with her husband Anders and her two dogs Zazo and Tamina who love to be in the garden outside the house. Their son, who lives elsewhere, has been allergic to dogs since he was a child.
- When he meets dogs, he must wash his hands and take Clarityn. If he's just here to visit for an hour or two, that's okay, but if he oversleeps, he needs to take medicine. But he loves dogs and dogs love him, says Kerstin.

Not only does the son meet the two basenjis Zazo and Tamina when he visits the parents - his girlfriend also has a dog with thicker fur. But in the last few weeks, he hasn't had to take Clarityn, after the dog started being washed with it Allergenius Dog® Special Shampoo which reduces the amount of allergen on skin and fur.

Tamina and Zazo sunbathing.

Tried the shampoo due to dandruff problem

However, it was not the allergy aspect that made Kerstin choose to try the shampoo.
- Our bitch has had problems with dandruff and when I read about the special shampoo i an article in Hundsport then I understood that it could also help against it.

Kerstin ordered home two bottles of the shampoo, one for herself and one for her son's girlfriend whose dog is used to being washed every week due to skin problems. Kerstin's Basenjis, on the other hand, usually wash every two, three months, or before a big show. Their basenjis are extremely clean by themselves, she says. Their white paws almost never get dirty and the male refuses to walk in puddles of water or mud – instead he walks around or stops to be lifted.

Zazo the dog.

But with Tamina getting dandruff, Kerstin started washing her about once a week with the special shampoo. And even though dogs don't like to go in water outdoors, they don't mind getting wet indoors.
- They love to shower. Standing in a hot shower and getting water over the body but not on the face is a pleasure for them, says Kerstin.

And how has the new shampoo worked?
- Tamina's dandruff is gone and her fur is shiny! She is tricolor, with a lot of black and then it doesn't look so nice with dandruff in the fur, it is so clearly visible. A basenji should have a shiny and fine coat.

Tamina's fur has also been a bit disheveled after a false pregnancy this summer when she put on undercoat and became dandruffy.
- But now the fur is starting to sparkle again, says Kerstin.

For her, the change of shampoo has mostly been about getting Tamina's fur nice again. That the dogs become more allergy-friendly is a bonus.
- I told my husband that there is a shampoo that helps with the dog's dander, then it doesn't hurt that it also removes allergens from it. That was a plus.

And it turned out that there were more pluses with the change of shampoo.
- It is very easy to work with! says Kerstin and continues:
- I usually take a tablespoon of shampoo, which I dissolve in a deciliter of water and stir. Then I pour it on and shampoo. The fact that you then don't have to use conditioner is great, just one wash is enough. I also think it's nice that the shampoo is not perfumed. A basenji should smell like a basenji. They don't smell like wet dog, but have a cozy scent.

Even when it comes to the allergy bit, the shampoo has proven to give good results.
- The son has not had to take any allergy medicine in recent weeks, which made me very happy to hear. It also feels good that our dogs have got very fresh fur. And that the dandruff is gone on the little lady, of course!

Tamina with her mostly dark fur.