Doctors' advice: Change careers

Läkarnas råd: Byt karriär

Taking medication six times a day for her dog allergy was not something that Hanna Karlsson saw as sustainable. Nor to give up his choice of profession and greatest interest – dogs.
- Sometimes I couldn't breathe, but that's completely gone now. Now I can even have the dog on the sofa and the bed.

Dogs have always had an obvious place during Hanna Karlsson's upbringing. When she started at the Naturbrukgymnasiet in Norrköping, it was no coincidence that dogs became the focus of the education. In connection with the start of school, she got her first dog of her own – the customs officer Baileys. Hanna had for many years suffered from allergies to mites and cats, but also began to experience allergic symptoms to dogs. She felt increasingly worse from the environment she stayed in on a daily basis.

- The more I exposed myself to, the more allergic I became. And it's not so much fun when it's your life, says Hanna Karlsson.

Baileys on a walk.

Today, Hanna works at Arken Zoo in Norrköping, as a dog instructor and helps out extra at a dog boarding house. She discovered Allergenius® Dog Special Shampoo after reading about it in one reportage in the newspaper Hundsport . In the article, a number of dog owners try shampooing their dogs over a period of time. The results of the users were positive regarding both allergies and fur quality. The store, where Hanna works, bought the shampoo soon after and then there was no hesitation for her to test it on her own dog.

- At first I thought that the fur or the skin would be bad, but it will be really smooth and nice. I usually tell our customers about my experiences, and people who are not allergic sometimes buy the shampoo precisely because the coat is so good. Then it's nice that only one product is required.

Sometimes Hanna bathes dogs in her vicinity with other types of shampoo products for dogs. These dogs smell more perfumed with a clearer scent, says Hanna.

- My dog ​​doesn't smell like perfume, just very clean. And it feels better that there aren't a lot of perfumes that contribute to that, she says.

Have reduced the medication

For a long time, Hanna took up to six allergy tablets a day combined with asthma spray or adrenaline shots in case of urgent need. However, it was not something that she saw as a long-term solution. Partly because it is inconvenient to take them so often and that it also affects general health in the form of fatigue.

- Taking a lot of medication every day is hard and as long as I shampoo my dog, I don't have to take my tablets as often as I used to before.

Since last spring, Hanna has shampooed Baileys once a week and today only takes two tablets in the morning and one in the evening if necessary.

- Before, I cleared my throat, snorted and coughed all the time and had itching on my body. Sometimes I couldn't breathe, but that's completely gone now. Now I can even have the dog on the sofa and the bed. I've even completely stopped taking the evening tablet and know immediately when it's time to shampoo. It's definitely worth the trouble because I feel so much better, says Hanna Karlsson.

Balieys drying themselves after a bath.

Can continue working with what she wants

Several different doctors that Hanna has been in contact with regarding her allergy have told her to avoid what she is allergic to, but according to her this is impossible because she cannot imagine working with anything else. The special shampoo has meant that Hanna Karlsson can continue with what she has always wanted to do and believes that it has even changed her life. Since the shampoo also works on cats, it increases the possibilities for her to get more animals, which is something of a dream. Then it's a bonus that the fur is so nice.

- As long as I shampoo my own dog, I'm fine. It also means that I can tolerate exposure to what I am allergic to at work and in private. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, says Hanna Karlsson.

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