Christmas & New Year with a dog - Don't let allergies become an obstacle

Jul & nyår med hund - Låt inte allergi bli ett hinder

Allergies can be a big problem, especially during Christmas when everyone wants to be together. If you suffer from allergies, it can therefore be difficult to spend time with relatives' four-legged friends. Often, you are forced to completely refrain from staying in environments where there are fur animals because of your allergy.

Many families experience fur allergies as an obstacle during the year's big holidays - and there are various tricks you can use to cope with a celebration with less allergic problems.

No more obstacles with the right products

Those of you who already know Allergenius know that there is a solution to the problem. By regularly bathing your dog (or cat) in our shampoo the dog's coat becomes clean, soft and less allergenic. Even the dog's skin barrier is built up and strengthened by the shampoo's skin care properties.

Make bathing a regular routine

The bath even becomes a highly conscious act and you do both your dog and your fellow allergic people a service. This regular dog care also means that people who usually experience difficulties due to allergies can now socialize with furry animals much more easily.

The best thing is that you, as a pet owner, no longer always have to choose between your animals or allergic friends over Christmas.

no longer an obstacle with a fur allergy at Christmas or New Year

Christmas and New Year without obstacles - Which products work?

Our products are created with care and love. Behind the brand is a research team that fights hard every day to make it easier for people with fur allergies in society, and for everyone who wants to be able to share in the joy an animal can give. Some allergy sufferers have been able to get their own pet and some have even been able to stop taking medication thanks to it Allergenius . A huge blessing for those who have always wanted a dog or cat, but have been limited due to their illness.

  • Allergenius ® Dog dog shampoo - emollient, moisturizing and mild shampoo which effectively reduces the dog's allergens
  • Allergenius ® Dog dog balm - for a softer coat with fewer allergens, available as spray or mousse

We hope that our products will bring joy during Christmas and that more people will be able to celebrate the holiday together with the help of them. Allergies should no longer have to stand in the way of community and fun activities.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, wishes the team behind Allergenius!