Dog Fair 2017 - Participation in Café Hundsnack

Hundmässan 2017 – Medverkan i Café Hundsnack

For the third year in a row, Medi-Tec was invited to the Swedish Kennel Club's dog show to talk about its research in "Café Hundsnack", and what can be done in the current situation to avoid allergies to fur animals. Approximately 30,000 people and over 8,000 dogs participated in the fair.

Dog fair 2017 - Spread knowledge about fur allergy

- During the Dog Fair, we informed about how Medi-Tec develops products and solutions for allergy sufferers and fur animals to be able to live together, and gave an update on our vaccine against fur allergy, our allergen and allergy profile tests and our allergen-reducing skin care products. During the fair days, we came into contact with several people who have been helped by our products. Some told us that thanks to Allergenius® special shampoo and conditioner, they have been able to keep their dog, even though allergies have run in the family. In addition, the dogs have got healthier skin and fur. We think it's fantastic fun! says Bo Karlstedt, Medi-Tec.

During the fair days, we came into contact with several people who have been helped by our products. Some told us that thanks to Allergenius® special shampoo and conditioner, they have been able to keep their dog, even though allergies have run in the family.

Bo Karlstedt, Medi-Tec

the dog fair had many dogs and dog owners as visitors

Current allergen and allergy tests

- On there is our allergen test that gives an answer to how much allergen the dog has. So far we have tested around 700 dogs. The results show, like previously published studies, that there is a significantly greater difference between individual dogs than between different breeds. With the help of the test, you can search for a dog that has low amounts of allergen. We currently test for three of the dog's six allergens, the most common allergen Can f 1, as well as Can f 2 and Can f 3 (read more here ). Later, we will introduce tests for several allergens, says Bo Karlstedt.

Allergy profile tests for humans were presented at the Dog Fair

Within a few months, Medi-Tec's allergy profile test for humans is also expected to be available. With the help of the test, you will be able to see which, or which, of the dog's six different allergens you are reacting to.

This makes it possible for an allergic person to find a dog or puppy that has low levels of exactly the allergen(s) they themselves react to.

You can thus reduce the risks of allergic reactions (however, you should know that it is never possible to completely eliminate the risks for people allergic to fur animals from staying with fur animals).

The analysis method is largely complete in the laboratory and we are now working on the sampling method. We aim to provide both a do-it-yourself test kit that you use to take a small blood sample from your finger, which you then send to us for analysis, as well as being able to take blood samples via sampling centers that are located in hospitals and GP practices.

Bo Karlstedt, Medi-Tec

Allergen-reducing products

At the Dog Fair, Bo Karlstedt also told us that research shows a clear connection between the care of dogs' skin and how allergenic they are. That's why Medi-Tec has developed Allergenius®Special shampoo that effectively washes away allergens (up to 97%), and at the same time is very mild to preserve the skin's natural fat layer.

The shampoo has moisturizing properties and PH 6-7, which is suitable so as not to disturb the skin's PH balance. The product contains ingredients that build up and strengthen the skin barrier in order for the dog to have a healthy skin and coat, while also delaying the re-formation of new allergens. The special shampoo and conditioner have also been shown to help some dogs with allergies, to reduce itching and calmer skin.

So using Allergenius® special products is a winning concept, both for dogs and for people with allergies?

- We have seen that people with mild allergies are helped and sometimes completely symptom-free. But the more severe the allergy you have, the less chance that you will be helped by just washing the dog. We have also established that non-neutered male dogs are more difficult to tolerate for those with allergies who react to their urine. Since male dogs often urinate, they splash urine on their fur and spread allergens when the urine dries. By washing the dog regularly, however, you always contribute to an overall smaller spread of allergens in the environment where the dog stays. It is good to get the dog used to being washed already as a puppy and to make it a pleasant and fun routine, says Bo Karlstedt.

Talk about vaccines against fur allergy at the Dog Fair

- We already have vaccines against dogs, cats and horses ready in our laboratory. Now we are looking for financiers who are interested in curing fur allergy, and who want to help us start the clinical trials required to get the Swedish Medicines Agency's approval to use the vaccine for the treatment of humans.

In the first stage, we need SEK 40M to carry out a Phase I/2a study. After that, an additional SEK 100-150M is needed for the further clinical trials required for it to be an approved treatment. After we have funds available, it takes 5-6 years before it can be used to treat patients in healthcare. Until we have obtained sufficient funds, we will continue to improve the vaccine, says Bo Karlstedt.

Medi-Tec also contributes to improving traditional immunotherapy

At the same time that Medi-Tec works for new more effective treatment methods, it helps the companies that provide traditional immunotherapy to improve their own methods and thus make the existing treatment methods more accurate and reliable.

- We can do this thanks to our advanced research and knowledge of allergens, as well as opportunities to test different individual allergen components, concludes Bo Karlstedt.