We are looking for ambassadors

Vi söker ambassadörer

By being visible and spreading information, we get closer to our goal - to cure fur allergy sufferers so that more people can have fun together with dogs, cats and horses. Unfortunately, we have very little resources and would therefore need your help in informing about our work, which aims to improve the situation for allergy sufferers.

Thanks to the sale of unique allergy prevention products, we hope in the future to also be able to contribute to funding the continued research at Karolinska Institutet with the aim of curing fur allergy. Being our ambassador means that you can spread information about our product via your network in order to contribute together with us to helping fur allergy sufferers in their everyday lives. Based on your answers, we have summarized a series of activities that are relevant to implement right now. You are of course welcome to do several things, alternatively choose what you want to contribute.

Spread pictures on social media

We want more people to open their eyes to us and our work. Pictures of dogs engage and touch. By sharing your photos on Facebook and Instagram, it helps that more people open their eyes to us and can take part in our work to cure fur allergy sufferers.

Do this: We would love to see pictures of you spending time with your dog. Post pictures of you doing something fun together! Then use our hashtags #puppies #mankind's best friend #allergy friendly dog ​​#fun together #allergenius #fur allergy #fur vaccine . Don't forget to mention us in your comment by writing "Allergenius special shampoo - for a hypoallergenic dog!"

Answer questions about Allergenius® Dog Special Shampoo

How does the shampoo work for you and how does it work for your dog (cat or other furry animal)? By telling us about your or your family's experiences with the shampoo, we have better opportunities to give our users a broader picture of the shampoo's effect. We will use these answers in our marketing. We may also follow up on your answers if we wish to know more about you and your dog.

1. Who or what are allergic?
2. Breed and weight of your dog?
3. Approximately how many washes is 1 bottle of shampoo enough for you?
4. What effect has the shampoo had on the allergic symptoms?
5. How has the shampoo affected the dog's coat?
6. Other information that we should take note of?

Do this: Send us your answers at info@medi-tec.se no later than March 31. Write " Reply mail ambassador " in the subject line.

Disseminate information in connection with events

We want to be seen where dog owners are! By spreading information about the product, and that you can tell us about your experiences at the same time, we reach out in the best way. This could be attending dog shows, fairs, hunting meetings, breed club meetings or telling your local pet shop and vet. We can assist with brochures that inform about shampoos and their effect, as well as sponsor prizes. In order for you to be seen well, we will also produce a reflective vest that shows that you represent Allergenius.

Do this: Email us at info@medi-tec.se no later than three weeks before the date of the event. Write " Event ambassador " in the subject line. Then tell us which event you intend to participate in, when, in what way you are involved and how many brochures (bundles of 25), prizes, vests and possibly other things you would like us to send you. It is also important to follow the regulations that apply to the distribution of commercial material at each competition. Feel free to get back to us afterwards and tell us how it went!

Is this for you? Do you want to help us help allergy sufferers and fur animals to be able to have fun together? Feel free to contact us at info@medi-tec.se with name and address.

Thanks in advance!