More fun together - despite allergies to dogs or cats

Roligare tillsammans – trots allergi mot hund eller katt

Do you want to make it possible for dogs and cats to stay together with allergic people? Skin care is the key to reducing allergy symptoms.

For a fur allergy sufferer, it can be difficult to live together, and have more fun together, with a fur animal despite the allergy. What an allergy sufferer reacts to is called an allergen.

  • Allergens are naturally occurring proteins that are found in all fur animals to varying extents and can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.
  • From the fur animals' skin, allergens leak out via dander and skin scales.
  • Allergens are also found in urine or saliva that gets stuck in the fur.

It is all of these allergens that become airborne and that allergy sufferers can react to when they enter the body via the respiratory tract.

Difficult for fur allergy sufferers to avoid a reaction

More than 20 percent of Sweden's population is currently sensitive to fur animals, which means that there are fur allergy sufferers in very many homes. At the same time, more than a third of all Swedish households have fur animals, which complicates the situation for allergy sufferers. Even if they don't have animals themselves, they are often affected anyway. It is not only animals that release allergens. They are also easily spread to public places such as hospitals, schools and in public transport, via the clothing of pet owners and their relatives.

Now you can wash away allergens!

Careful cleaning and care of the dog's or cat's skin with allergen-reducing products reduces the spread of all allergens that come from the animal, or get stuck in the fur. Dehydrating or irritating products, on the other hand, can create the opposite effect and instead lead to an increased occurrence of dandruff, skin flakes and allergens.

As a result of long research, Medi-Tec has developed a unique series of Swedish-made skin care products – completely unscented because perfume can affect both allergic people and irritate dogs' skin – under the Allergenius® brand. With Allergenius® products, you can have more fun together despite allergies.

How does Allergenius® Special Shampoo work?

Simply explained, it has Allergenius® Special shampoo two mechanisms:

1. Captures and effectively washes away the allergen and other skin irritants found in the surface layer of the skin, in a mild way, without irritating the skin.

2. Contains skin-care substances that contribute to combating fungus, reduce skin irritation and strengthen the skin barrier and thus reduce the secretion of allergens.

This means that the presence of allergens is reduced both in the fur animals and in the environment where they live.

Good for allergy sufferers and good for fur animals - finally you can have more fun together despite allergies

It is not uncommon for fur animals to have skin irritations, which weakens the skin barrier. This in turn leads to an increased production of dandruff and allergens and that the skin's resistance to infections decreases. Therefore, it is important to keep the animal's skin as well cared for as possible. It is also good for dog owners to be aware that the dog can spread other than its own allergens, for example birch and grass pollen. If you have allergic problems and have a dog, it may therefore be a good idea to wash the dog with an allergen-reducing product, even if you know that you do not suffer from an allergy to dogs. This is especially true when there is a lot of pollen in the air.

more fun together with your dog

Extend the effect with Special Balm

By washing the fur animals regularly with the Special shampoo, the occurrence of allergens is reduced by up to 97%. To prolong and strengthen the allergen-reducing effect or where extra skin care efforts are needed, today there are also Allergenius® Special balm for dogs (it can also be used on cats, but the effect achieved largely depends on how much the cat licks itself and how much allergen the cat has in its saliva).

The special conditioner is a leave-in product that should not be rinsed out of the fur and at the same time gives the fur a nice shine. It can be used in connection with washing, but also between washes to further care for the skin - especially for dry or sensitive skin that needs extra care. Also recommended for preventive use in places where the dog easily gets irritated skin or fungus, e.g. between the toes and in skin folds.

The product is available as a spray or mousse. Spray is suitable for thick fur and larger dogs and mousse for smaller dogs, or dogs that don't like being sprayed. With regular fur care, it is possible to increase the possibility of finally having more fun together.

Allergenius® Special products are developed so that more people can experience the joy and love together with fur animals. You can read more about our special products, as well as order them, here .