"I recommend the shampoo to all dog owners, whether they suffer from allergies or not"

”Jag rekommenderar schampot till alla hundägare, oavsett om de lider av allergi eller inte”

That's what Sofia Deljerud, who regularly uses, says Allergenius® Dog Special Shampoo . It works so well on her three Portuguese water dogs that she was able to stop using conditioner altogether. She recommends the shampoo to everyone, even those who don't have a dog!

Sofia talks about why she recommends the shampoo from Allergenius to everyone she meets - even to those without a dog! Sofia Deljerud is 44 years old and lives in Järfälla outside Stockholm with her partner, daughter and three dogs Izza, Juni and Arrack. All three are Portuguese Water Dogs. Sofia herself has never experienced any allergic problems, but her partner John, however, has problems with allergies.
- I have had dogs all my life and have never been allergic, but John gets into trouble when he cuddles and is close to dogs, she says.

Sofia washes her dogs at least once every two or three weeks to keep their fur nice and clean.
- I don't like it when the dogs smell bad or when your hands get greasy from touching the fur, she says.

Sofia recommends the shampoo to everyone, even those who don't have a dog. Arrack, Izza and Juni.

Sofia recommends the shampoo to everyone

It was Sofia's sister Jennie, who runs Djurmagazinet in Järfälla, who first told about it Allergenius® Dog Special Shampoo . Sofia quickly decided to try the new product, to see if John would tolerate the dogs better using the special shampoo.
- I noticed that I didn't need to combine the special shampoo with another shampoo but also that I didn't need to use conditioner, which surprised me. The fur doesn't tangle and it doesn't get frizzy, even though I only use the special shampoo.

Nowadays, Sofia washes all three of her dogs regularly with the special shampoo. However, when asked if John has noticed any difference after Sofia changed shampoo, she cannot really answer.
- It is difficult to say yet. He only feels the dogs when he cuddles them really well, but I'll come back after a little more time has passed.

But it is no longer for the allergy aspect that Sofia uses the special shampoo. She believes that she can recommend it to anyone who washes their dogs, regardless of whether they have problems with allergies or not.
- I avoid the moment with conditioner because the shampoo itself cares so well. I have three large dogs so it's about saving quite a lot of money and time when you can use one product instead of two.

In Sofia's case, it will be an added bonus that the dogs will also be more hypoallergenic thanks to the new washing routine.
- I recommend the shampoo to everyone, whether they suffer from allergies or not, just because it works so well for the coat and skin. Then it's also great if you can make it easier for allergy sufferers when you stay with the dogs in public environments, she points out.

Sofia together with the three playful dogs Izza, Juni and Arrack.