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The dream of a dog came true!

Drömmen om en hund blev sann!

Many people want to know if you can get a dog despite an allergy and, if so, how to do it. The dream of a dog in one's family despite allergies is more common than many people think - but with the help of allergen testing, the cane corso dog Lenox is today a faithful member of the Laiti family.

The dream of a dog came true for the Laiti family

For many, the dream of a dog can be a dream that grows stronger every year - but for an allergy sufferer it can seem hopeless. It is possible to live together despite allergies! The newspaper Allas has drawn attention to this and made a report about the Laiti family who have been lucky enough to be able to get a doggy despite an allergy, something they previously thought was impossible. Please read the article below. You can also go to Alla's website where the report is located including a video interview with Emma and Johan Laiti.

To get to the report click here!

Everyone has written about allergies and about our work in the same newspaper. Please read the article at the bottom of our latest newsletter, or on Alla's website here.

the dream of a dog article in Allas

6 tips to help the person with allergic problems get closer to the dream of a dog

Allas also shares 6 good tips for those who experience allergic symptoms - read Allas' tips below:

  1. Wash off the allergens on your dog. There is a special shampoo that, according to tests, washes away up to 97% of the allergens from the dog's skin and fur. Ask your veterinarian.
  2. Train the dog not to lick people.
  3. Avoid having a dog (as well as a cat and other furry animals) in the bedroom, and feel free to use an air purifier regularly.
  4. When vacuuming, you can use a HEPA (allergy) filter. Avoid "ordinary vacuum cleaner" because it instead spreads small particles such as allergens in the air.
  5. Preferably wet dry the floors.
  6. Wash your hands often and avoid touching your eyes.

(Source: everyone's )